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21 Mar 2013

Satan Surfs

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Check out this mini surf clip of Otis Carey and edited by Harry Triglone.

19 Mar 2013

For Myself and a Few Friends

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Bill is a board maker and spends almost all of his time in the mountains of North Carolina. This time he’s having fun testing out his gear and chasing some waves. Nice job if you can get your readies together.

18 Mar 2013

San Diego Weekend

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In this short Craig Carson spends his weekend in San Diego and what better way to enjoy San Diego than surf and being sun-kissed? If you have another answer I’m all ears… well not literally as I’d look really weird.

18 Mar 2013

Kite Surfing in Iceland

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Rough waves and icy winds bite as kite surfers Toby Bromwich, Chris Burkard and Patrick Rebstock conquer the rough seas off Iceland. I feel like drinking hot tea just watching it. Jeez, must have been frigid as a kipper.

15 Mar 2013

Peninsula on Fire

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Check this vid as surfers Billy Fogarty, Harley Tribe, Adam Morris, Tom Lyon and Jack Winter deliver the goods as they ride the waves at Victoria along the Eastern coast. Nice work if you can get it.

14 Mar 2013

An Iceland Surf Odyssey

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This is really worth checking out! It’s a short film on pro surfers Mikey DeTemple & Reid Jackson riding the rugged waves just off the coast of Iceland.