12 Jan 2012

Who Has The Most To Fear – Man Or Shark? Shocking Infographic!

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Ever since Steven Spielberg unleashed Jaws onto the world back in 1975 Sharks have had a really bad press. Throw in the yearly world news hysteria of ‘Man gets eaten by shark on holiday’ and you have a climate of fear built up around the Shark that is massively undeserved.

For if you dig just a few inches under the worldwide annual mortality stats you’ll see some shocking comparisons that beg the question, who has the most to fear – Man or Shark?

Who has the most to fear Man or Shark

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  1. Rian Ree Barrientos says:

    wow so man is more dangerous than shark.. thanks for this info. :)

  2. Tobe says:

    how the heck can texting cause death!?!?

  3. Surfmeisters says:

    Texting whilst driving = car crash
    Texting whilst crossing the road = curb splat
    Texting whilst walking near water whilst drunk = text drowning
    Texting whilst on the golf course when some douche hits golf ball at your head = golf text death
    Texting whilst not seeing the elevator isn't there but the door is open = bottom of elevator shaft splat texting,

    1. Aireen says:

      this is funny but true..

      1. George says:

        came here to say that.. lol

  4. Jacques says:

    Some humans are Shark lovers,Dr.Ryan Johnson,Dr Dulmayer….Hope I got his name right…….
    No doubt that man is the meanest most callous killer of all time,hopefully the ripple effects that started years ago,will just get bigger and bigger…….as for me any human caught killing sharks(rhino,tiger etc) should be shot on the spot and left to rot.

  5. sven says:

    let them (us)do…. we are are only killing ourselves…. kill the sharks, wales, etc and you will eventually kill the sea… if the sea is dead, then our biggest provider of air is gone…(they don't teach kids that on school eh…) am afraid that the trees are not enough…and also those are rapidly disappearing…. so who are we fooling??? only ourselves… sad… very sad… but dont worry the planet will survive and get over it… maybe takes a few thousand years… but considering how old she already is it means nothing… not for her ;o) for us YES big deal…. funny as well considering how long we are running around on this planet (not so long)and considering how much damage we have caused…. i am ashamed… and feel like i am part of a disease

    1. Surfmeisters says:

      Indeed Sven but don't beat yourself up about it. You are one of billions. Any one person can only do so much. It's only through education we'll turn this thing around, although it needs to happen in a hurry. It may even be too late. People will only act once it's too late. But that's no reason for good people to give up the cause and do what we can in the meantime. Who knows, even humanity could surprise us all before it's game over. Gotta live and hope or it will all be too crushingly depressing.


  6. Risto Siljanoski says:

    Humans are most dangerous creatures of all;- They kill and eat billions of animals each year !!!
    Some "humans" practice Shark Finning. After cutting the fins shark is thrown back to water to die slowly and painfully.
    In my opinion Shark Finning is a terible crime !!!

    1. Surfmeisters says:

      You're not wrong Risto. Total waste and total crime. It's why we need to spread the word of change and get those involved to realise what effect their actions will have on the bio-diversity of the marine environment (not that a lot will care but we have to but try).

      Thanks for stopping by to leave your comments. Much appreciated.